Register your business


Consider using an online registration service

You can register your business directly in your state. on your own, and this is the least expensive way, initially. 


A better way, is to use an online service to file an LLC or corporation for you. The prices are less than lawyers’ or accountants' fees, but try to find out more about the services before using them.


Examples of incorporation services are MyCorporation and  LegalZoom. They may provide other help, including an outline of your responsibilities for the type of structure that you establish,  example forms, and other services.

Do you need a lawyer?

While many services can handle the registration of a business, this is not the same as having a lawyer. To find a lawyer, get advice from business associates or others you know.


You can also find a lawyer though performing a search online. Sites often can allow you to narrow your choices to business lawyers for your state or jurisdiction. For a general approach to finding a lawyer, see this American Bar Association (ABA) site.


As you get involved in day-to-day matters, including contracts, you can obtain Legal Forms and general guidelines about what should be included in them. 

It is good to have a lawyer check that the company has been set up correctly from a legal point of view and to review contracts.


Do you need an accountant?

Some people have an accountant register their business instead of a lawyer.  Again, this is a more expensive option than doing the registration yourself or using an online service.


Early on you should have an accountant check that your company has been set up properly from a financial and tax point of view.