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Consulting at the beach

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Yes, you can consult at the beach and even while you are on the beach. You can consult almost anywhere.

Working at the beach for an employer

Years ago I worked while I was on the beach. My then employer, a start up biopharmaceutical company, insisted that I attend conference calls on an important project, while I was on vacation. I was new there, and the company was small and understaffed for the volume of work. You do what you gotta do!

When the time for some of the calls arrived, I was on the beach. I found a quiet spot and called in, and stayed on mute, except when I needed to comment. There, I sat on a beach towel watching the waves and the seabirds. Occasionally, a person walked along the shore.

Besides the conference calls, and random calls to address problems, important documents needed my input, . The documents were hundreds of pages long and needed a rapid turn around. The work on documents was done where I stayed. Then, being in a remote area with no reliable internet connection, it was a challenge to get the work documents from the company and get the marked up documents to them online.

It worked out fine, but I would have preferred a real vacation!

Working at the beach as an independent consultant

After I moved out on my own into consulting, working at the beach was fun!

Going to the beach was not for a vacation as much as a change of scene. How enjoyable it was to work there,

Each day started with an early morning walk on the beach. Then it was working on some projects, and some morning conference calls. I stayed at a place with a good internet connection and would follow the information, agendas, timelines, and data on my laptop screen, and would make comments and answer questions on my cell phone.

When the morning calls were over, I would go for a brief visit to the beach and return for lunch, which I ate outside.

Next I would do the afternoon teleconferences, and then I would go off to the beach for awhile.

As evening approached, it was out for dinner or eat in. Later n the evening, I might work on any important documents or emails or take the evening off.

You can have more freedom as independent consultant

It was very busy consulting at the beach, but it did not feel that way. It was so different. I was relaxed. The work was part of my life, not an intrusion. It was voluntary and not imposed.

The more I worked, the more I earned. When I worked for an employer, I had no overtime pay. Whether it was for 40 hours or a 100 hours a week, the pay was the same. While employers had good bonuses at the end of the year, and stock options, my every hour as a consultant showed tangible benefits.

Once you commit to a client, you will need to fulfill your obligations, but you have the flexibility as to which clients you take on and what you will undertake to do for them. You also have more flexibility in your scheduling. So, you have much more freedom and autonomy.

What about you?

Have you worked at the beach?

Did you work there because you had to do work for your employer while you were on vacation?

Have you worked on or at the beach as a consultant?

Let me know your thoughts and experiences!

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